Don’t let anything distract you from your responsibility for your body no matter what

Most of the diseases we suffer from are directly related to our own actions… There is an intelligence in our own bodies that we lack. We give him orders that don’t make sense. Disease, crime, war, or the thousand and one things that plague us are no secrets. Live simply and wisely. ~H.M.

virtue! Fig! that’s how we are or. our bodies are our gardens
Our wills are gardeners: so that we will plant
Putting nettles or lettuce, hyssop and weeding
Thyme, give him an herb, or
distract it with lots of things to make it sterile
Fertilize with laziness or diligence, why, that
its power and correctable authority belong to us
will. If our life has no balance
A rational scale to balance another sensual enjoyment
The blood and vileness of our nature will guide us
draw the most absurd conclusions: but we have
reason to cool our furious movements, our flesh
Sting, our unbridled desire, I get this from it
You call love a sect or a scion…it’s just
Lust for blood and indulgence of will.
~w Shakespeare, Othello, c.1604

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