Relaxation and longevity are brothers

He gave a striking example of men forgetting their lives in order to make a living…men put on harnesses so fast they’ll never be able to escape this danger unless they guard against it in the first place. ~Page. MF, Summer by the Lake, 1843, 1844

virtue! Fig! That’s how we are
or. Our body is our garden
Our will is the gardener: so, we will plant
Put nettle or lamb lettuce, hyssop and pull weeds
thyme, give him an herb, or
distract it with many people and make it sterile
conceived by laziness or diligence, why, that
Its power and correctable authority lie with us
will. If our lives are not balanced
Balancing another sexy rational scale
The blood and meanness of our nature will guide us
to the most absurd conclusion: but we have
Cool our rampant movements, our fleshly reasons
The tingling, our unbridled desires, from which I draw
You call love a sect or a scion…just
The lust of blood and the indulgence of the will.
~W Shakespeare, Othelo, c.1604

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