Build a better Body

The top six physicians in the world –
No one can deny-
sun, water, peace and air,
Exercise and diet.
You will enjoy visiting these six,
as long as you are ready
your spirit and they will cheer
They will heal their ailments,
And don’t charge you a shilling.
~”File 6,” c. 1921

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My husband knows how I feel about my physical health. I hate skiing or any other sport where an ambulance is waiting at the foot of the mountain. As a single-par golfer, I find the game lonely. I realized a long time ago that if God wanted me to play tennis, he would give me fewer legs and more room to store the ball. Still, I know it’s only a matter of time before he points out that my inner peace is making me fat and tries to convince me to jog. ~Erma Bk, “The Complete Book of Jogging,” Four: A Field Guide to the Suburbs, 1996

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