Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid of not going at all

Regular exercise will improve every organ you use in movement; it will soften all your joints so grace and lightness will belong to them; it will reduce fatigue and shortness of breath; it will give you a greater Chest and soft limbs and give your arms some strength; it will drive away the fog in your brain and indigestion in your stomach and bring a rose to your cheeks; it will reduce the death of excess body fat Heavy. ~Mary T B, MD, “What Exercise can do to the body” 1891.



The same advice applies to you, employees, writers, sedentary people, lucky charms, idlers. High! If you approach it in the right spirit, the world (perhaps you now look at it with pale and disgusted eyes) is full of lust and beauty to you! Go out early! … wake up early, go to bed early, exercise, simple food, exercise thoroughly and consistently, start gently, cultivate a cheerful temperament, firm will, company of friends, must have regular exercise time every day to spend career – shall we say , simple as they are, but enough to revolutionize life, transforming it from a scene of gloom, weakness, and indecision, into a real life, fit for a universe that is filled with all the necessary means of happiness, filled with kindness and love for men and women, The benevolent process of nature has been at work, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and crops are growing , the waters running, with all additional that’s wanted, only that man should be correctly toned to partake of the universal strength and joy.
Mose V( Walt W),” Manly Health and Training,” NY Atlas, 1858 Sept 12th


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